Sunday, 6 October 2013

Two works @ STRARTA Art Fair, Saatchi Gallery, London - 10th - 13th October

 Show Time!
Respect (Bukit Brown Cemetery) - dubplate (foreground), score (background) 

I will be showing my solo work Respect (Bukit Brown Cemetery I) and my collaboration with Simon Ball, Exploit (Bukit Brown Cemetery II), at STRARTA Art Fair this week.

The two works make use of my sound recordings from the cemetery made earlier in the year,

subjecting the material to conflicting acts of 'respect' and 'exploitation' as a way of engaging with the ethical issues surrounding the exhumations and displacement of wildlife.*

These works will be part of Flux - City of Change - an exhibition curated by Joleen Loh & Griselda Bear. I will be showing the two pieces alongside Hilmi Johandi, Melissa Tan and Danielle Tay. Together our works 'examine Singapore's urban and imagined landscape as well as its socio-cultural history, revealing notions of memory as they relate to place.'*

All the best to everyone involved, I hope some good connections and opportunities grow out of the show. With you in spirit - all the best!

*Quotes from Joleen Loh's curatorial essay for Flux - City of Change

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