Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Flickering Shard | Collaboration with Simon Ball

 "We live in the flicker"
Joseph Conrad, The Heart of Darkness, 1902.

Simon Ball and I will be screening our new work, Flickering Shard, as part of the final event of UCL Urban Lab's DEMOLITION season this evening:


Flickering Shard marks our third collaboration, following Olympic Dreams (2012) and Exploit (Bukit Brown Cemetery II) (2013). Without revealing too much (yet): The work is a digitally animated audio-visual composition, exploring notions of progress within the city in relation to 'construction' and ' demolition'.


The work is derived from Simon's photographic material - collected during a series of walks between The Shard (London's tallest skyscraper) and Canary Wharf (formerly London's tallest building) - and field recordings I made during journeys stemming from the Thames (plus an additional recording of a construction site in Singapore).


Tonight's programme also includes Demolishing and Building up the Star Theatre (1901) by Frederick S. Armitage, the Lumiere Brothers’ Demolition d’un Mur (1896), Nathan Eddy’s The Absent Column (2013), Dan Edelstyn’s Breaking It Big in Burnley (2013) and an episode of the Channel 4 series Demolition (2005).

Come join us 7pm tonight (Thursday 20th March) at the White Building in Hackney Wick – entry is free.

Thanks to Hilary Powell and UCL Urban Laboratory for organising this event! I wish I could be there in person.

* Still images (2,3 and 4) in this post are from Flickering Shard (2014) - copyright Simon Ball & Zai Tang.

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