Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Let's Make Noise! DIY Electronics Workshop with Dennis Tan

Thank you Dennis for your two day workshop, it was a great introduction to DIY electronics and I feel confident with the basics now. I'm pretty happy with my synth too - the 'Zynth' (mk 1)!

Getting acquainted with the breadboard and components.
Pictured: Dennis Tan & Nelly Vowel
Hearing how different capacitors effect the sound of each oscillator. 
Mild confusion at my overly complicated signal patching!
Final capacitor / ldr / potentiometer / touch point selection.
Soldering components to circuit board.
Scoring a gap between soldered wires (to make sure they're not touching).
Fitting the knobs and switches on my box.
 One little repair job: sorting out my diode / resistor switch.
 Zynth (mk 1) is born!
*Audio / Video to follow*

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